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Scarves, Wraps, Bags, Wearable Art pieces, Design

Plush! Luxury Fabrics and Design is the creative partnership between two textile designers, Christina Turner and Virginia Harrison. Our products are designed and handwoven in Australia from Australian Merino wool, with the addition of luxury yarns such as silk, and chenille.

In addition to holding their triennial exhibition this year with Pat Jones; 2016 marks the 20th birthday of Plush! which makes the coming opening of the show a very special event.

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Initial inspiration comes from a variety of sources:colour, light, shade, shape and pattern. The path to finished work begins with establishing the colour and weave, leading to the choice of yarn. The ideas are progressed by sampling both colour and pattern before making short lengths of fabric to make the finished product. The cloth is handwoven on looms operating on similar principles to those from hundreds of years ago, aided by modern computer aided design facilities, marrying old and new technologies to use them both to best advantage. The fabrics have a unique handle and drape not to be found in industrially manufactured cloth.

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